Courses of Editing and Publish Science

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Courses of Editing and Publish Science

The Basic Principles of Marxism

Mao Zedong Thought and Theoretical System of Socialism

Situation and Policy-3

Situation and Policy-4

Situation and Policy-5

Situation and Policy-6

Situation and Policy-7

Situation and Policy-8

College English (Creative Reading)-3

College English (Creative Reading)-4

Physical Education-3

Physical Education-4

Chinese Culture(Literature)

Chinese Culture(History)

Chinese Culture(Philosophy)

Chinese Culture(Arts)

The Skills of Editing Practice

Reader Study

Utilization of chinese Tool-Book

Science Book Review

Editing for Newspaper

Press and publishing laws and regulations

News Photography

Digital Publishing and Technology

Movie and TV cartoon, game and animation editing and making

The History of Chinese and Foreign Editing and Publishing

Modern Design of Books and Periodicals

Principles of Western Economics and Economic administration special publication

Fundamental of Programming for Digital Media

Web Software Development Technology

Introduction to Contemporacy China

Media Management Control

Study of Wedia Sociology

TV Edition

Media Criticism

Branding Management

Visual Communication

Movie and TV Aesthetics

Chinese TV Culture Criticism

Internet Journalism and Culture Communication

Film Appreciation

The Publishing on the New Media

Scientific communication and Learned publishing

Psychology and Children 's Publishing

Access Database Technology and Program Design (Basic)

International Publishing

Western Philosophy and special publication of Philosophy、History and Literature

Digital Aesthetics

Graduation Practice

Graduation Thesis (Design)