Courses of Journalism and Communication(1-2 Semester)

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Courses of Journalism and Communication(1-2 Semester)

Thought Morals Accomplishment and Basic Law

The Outline of Chinese Modern History

Situation and Policy-1

Situation and Policy-2

College English (Comprehensive)-1

College English (Oral English)-1

College English (Reading and Translation) -2

College English (Oral English)-2

Military Theory

Military Training

Physical Education-1

Physical Education-2

Mental Health Education

Multimedia Technology and Computer

Freshman Seminars

The Introduction of Editing and Publishing

Guide to Communication

Media Relations and PR Media

Introduction to Broadcasting and TV

An Introduction to Advertisement

Guided Readings of Chinese Classics

Modern Chinese(B)

Basis of news communication technology

Introduction to Art Theory of Film and Television

Modern Chinese Literature

History of Chinese Journalism and Communication

Theory and Practice of Writing

The Theory of Journalism

Introduction to New Media

Theories and Practices of Marxist Views of Journalism