Courses of Teaching Chinese to the speakers of other languages

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Courses of Teaching Chinese to the speakers of other languages

The Basic Principles of Marxism

Mao Zedong Thought and Theoretical System of Socialism

Situation and Policy-3

Situation and Policy-4

Situation and Policy-5

Situation and Policy-6

Situation and Policy-7

Situation and Policy-8

College English (Creative Reading)-3

College English (Creative Reading)-4

Physical Education-3

Physical Education-4

Chinese Culture(Literature)

Chinese Culture(History)

Chinese Culture(Philosophy)

Chinese Culture(Arts)

Comparative Literature

Introduction to Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language

Introduction to Foreign Culture

Foreign Literature-1

Foreign Literature-2

Intensive English Reading-1

Intensive English Reading-2

English Listening & Speaking

English Writing

Introduction to Linguistics

Introduction to chinese Culture

Contemporary Chinese Literature

Ancient Chinese Literature 1

Ancient Chinese Literature 2

Mandarin Pronunciation Training

Interpersonal Communication

Chinese Historical Phonology

Western Literary Theory

Theoretical Frontier of Western Linguistics

Culture of Ba and Shu

Special Study on Modern Chinese Intellectual Culture

History of Countries along The Ancient Silk Road

Historical Philology of China

Research on Confucianism in East Asia

Western classical art theory original Review

Studies of The Five Classics

Topics in German Philosophy

Topics in Contemporary Anglo-Saxon Philosophy

Topics in Buddhist Philosophy

Public Relation

Introduction to Psychoanalysis

Guided Readings of Chinese Classics

Seminars on Languages & Literature

Rearserch Of Literature And Culture

Theoretical Frontier of Chinese Linguistics