Master's Courses of Chinese Language and Literature

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Master's Courses of Chinese Language and Literature

Seminar on Language, Literature & Culture

Cultural Heritage and Integration

Topics in Linguistics

Classics of Chinese Literature

Second Foreign Language

Basic Issues of Literary Theory

The Study of Aesthetics of Literature and Art

The Study of Western Marxist Cultural Criticism

The Topic of Ancient Chinese Literary Theory

Application and Standardization of Chinese Language

Logical Analytical Linguistics

The Study on Modern Chinese and TCFL

Selected Reading for Vernacular Lit

The Study of Chinese Historical Grammar

The Study of Chinese vernacular Language

The Study of Chinese Characters

The Study of Modern Chinese

Study of ancient Chinese language in early age

The Original Works of Western Linguistic Theories

The Study of Medieval Chinese

The Study on Religious Literature and Vocabulary

Sutdy on Literary of Dunhuang

The Study on Dunhuang Literature

The Study on Buddhist literature

Research on Ancient Literature

Topic Reserch on Chinese vernacular Culture

A Studies on Buddhist Literature

Popular Literature Study

The Studies on Literature and literature research in Tang and Song Dynasties

The Study on Literature and Literature Research of Wei, Jin, Southern and Northern Dynasties

The Studies on Literary and literature of the Qin and Han Dynasties

The Research of Literature inYuan ,Ming and Qing Dynasties

Studies on Ancient Chinese Stylistics

Study on Overseas Chinese Literature

Modern Chinese Poetics of Religion

Modern and Contemporary Regional Literature and Culture

20th Century Chinese Literary Canon

The History of 20th Century Chinese Literary Criticism

Research on Thoughts in Modern and Contemporary Chinese Literature

The Study of Modern and Contemporary Chinese Literatry Stylistics

Modern and Contemporary Chinese Literature and Western Literature

Modern and Contemporary Chinese Literature and Modern Thought and Culture

Multi-national State's culture and literature

Minority Literature of China

Theories of Comparative Literature

Oriental Literature

Russian Culture

Russian Literature

European and American Literature

World Literature Studies

Cultural Studies

Contemporary Western Culture and Literary Theories

The Critical History of Chinese Literature

Aesthetics and Research on Cultural Design

Social Theory and the Research of Media

The Field-work: Theory and Practice

Research on Cultural Heritage

The Study of Literary Anthropology

Cross-Cultural Comparison and Teaching Chinese as a second language

The Study on Buddhist Historical Materials and Buddhism

The Study on the media and cultural industries


General Semio-Narratology

Seminar on International Education and Communication of Chinese Culture

Study of Cultural Semiotics of Art

Frontier of Research methodology & theories of social science

Special Topics on Cultural Technologies

Modern Media and social cultural and studies

Semiotics and Communication Theory of Art

History of Chinese Culture Communication

Second Foreign Language

Physical Education

Theories of Literature and Art

Research on Literary Aesthetics

An Introduction to Classics of Literary Theory

issues abou literary theory

Western Marxist Literary Theory and Cultural Criticism

The Study of Western Literary Criticism

the Study of Modern Chinese Literary Criticism

Theories of Chinese Culture and Literature

History of Chinese Literary Criticism

Second Language Acquisition Theory

Functional Grammar of Dicourse

Applied Linguistics and Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language

Grammar and Rhetorics


Comparison of Languages and Cultures between China and Foreign Countries

Academic English Reading and Translation

Studies of the Ancient Chinese Characters

Chinese Lexicography

Chinese Diachronic Syntax

History of Chinese language


Modern Chinese research trends and methods

Comtemporaty Chinese Grammar



Corpus Linguistics

Selected Reading in Linguistics

Introduction of Rhyme Grammar


Dunhuang Literature

Ancient Cultural Relic Literature Organon

Arrangement and Study of Ancient Literature


Masterpieces of Classical Chinese Literature and History

Philology of Chinese Ancient Literature

Chinese classics philology

History of Chinese Classic Philology

Chniese Folklore Culture Literature

Religon Literature

An introduction of traditional Chinese study

Literary Study of Song Dynasty

Literary Study of Tang Dynasty

Literary Study of the Wei,Jin

Research on Anthology

The Study of Literary Documents

Literary Study from Pre-Qin Period to Han Dynasty

The research on Yuan,Ming and Qing literature

An Introduction to Buddhist Literature of China

Thematic Study of Ancient Chinese Poetry

Study on Chinese Ancient Literary Criticism

Special Topics Study on Chinese Ancient Drama

Monographic Study on Chinese Literature and Culture

Twentieth Century Chinese Literature and Western Literature & Art Trends

Study on Republican Literature

Study on World Chinese Literature

Special Topic Study on Western Modern and Contemporary

Modern and Contemporary Literary Theories

Modern and Contemporary Literature and Film & TV Creation

Study on New Media Literature

Special Topic Study on New Century Literature

New Literary Societies, Schools and Trends

Study on Chinese Modern Famous Authors

Monographic Study on Modern Chinese Poetry

Study on Semiotics and Narratology of Chinese Modern and Contemporary Literature

Monographic Study on Chinese Modern and Contemporary Literature Criticism

Study on Frontier Issues of Chinese Modern and Contemporary Literature

Methodology in Modern Chinese Literature Study

Modern and Contemporary Chinese Literature and Religious Study

Monographic Study of Chinese Modern and Contemporary Novels

Chinese Poetry and Chinese&Foreign Cultures

Oral Tradition Studies


Sduty on Minority Literature

Comparative Literature

Eastern Literature

Russian Literature

Introduction of Genre Literature

European Literature

American Literature

Literary Interpretation & Cultural Criticism

Literary studies and Western ideological history

Western literary thoughts

The philosophical basis of Literary Study

Media Anthropology

Folk Literature

Classics of Anthropology and Folklore

The Course of Field Work

Cultural Anthropology

Literary Anthropology

Studies on Southwest Ethnic Culture and Literature

Chinese Folklore

Studies of Mass Communication

Contemporary Aesthetic Culture

General Narratology

International Promotion of Chinese Language

Study of International and Intercultural Communication

Cross-Cultural Communication

Studies of Brand

Studies of Visual Culture

Narratology and Rhetorics of Image

Study on Culture Design

Special Topics on New Media and Technologies

Semiotics and Communication Studies of Art