Brief Introduction of Art Theory

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Brief Introduction of Art Theory

The art theory is a comprehensive study of art, which explores the essence and regularities of art. Various forms, styles, themes, and the variety of styles of literature and art have determined the diversity and innovation of art. How to make a comprehensive view of art works, design, performance, to distinguish their personalities and characters, to sum up and construct a complete system, and to explain the nature and characteristics of art, the occurrence and development of art, the social function of art, and the positioning of art in the culture context, all of these are the main tasks of art studies and they are also the main ways of the arts to be incorporated into the humanities and social sciences.

This discipline not only has extensive and close relation with other subjects, such as music and dance, drama, film and television, art and design, but also with othersocial sciences and humanities, especially with philosophy, history, literature, etc. That means, art and other disciplines, in the study of objects or the research methods have a mutual inspiration.

This subject contains nine academic discipline orientations, such as comparative art, art theory and criticism, cultural heritage and art anthropology, art production and culture industry, film science, modern art theory, music culture, new media and contemporary art, and western art localization theory and practice. Every professional direction sticks to the subject forword position. In the direction of Art Theory and Criticism has a deep research on the basic issues of art theory, especially concerns about the aesthetic characteristics of art and the essence of ideology,combining with thetheoretical construction and the criticism of artistic phenomena so that it has formed a researching sample ofintegrating the theory and practice.

In the Cultural Heritage and Art Anthropology, on the one hand, we can comb the development process of Chinese and foreign art. On the other hand, based on the echoes the "anthropological turn of art", we hope to establish a bridge between the humanities and art, the Chinese culture and western civilization, and the ancient and modern society in order to revalue the social function of our tradition.

In view of the increasingly rich rt production activities and the growing variety of cultural industries, The Art Production and The Cultural Industry subject hopes to have carried out in-depth analysis of the operating mechanism of cultural industry, the driving force and the nature of art as a kind of aesthetic object of the spirits.

Modern Art Theory focuses on the theoretical discourse of modern art and avant-garde art, and further explores the effect of the accumulation of knowledge discourse and the transformation of knowledge paradigm. The subject tries to observe and research on the field of the contemporary art practice, artists and works of art.

Based on the macro background of culture communication, this subject, The Study on the Localization of Western Art, thoroughly examines the western art theory, art thoughts and art practice in the context of Chinese culture, and we want to reflect on the integratation of Western art and Chinese art, which is the combination of the modern ideas and traditional ideas, the transformation and the recreation.

All the subjects in this discipline are interrelated and provided academic support with each other, and the results of all subjects will promote the development of other subjects.

In addition, this discipline is the basic subject of the whole art study, and it plays a very important guiding role in the whole development of the arts. Not only that, this discipline is to carry forward the Chinese nation's outstanding cultural tradition, strengthen the patriotic consciousness, strengthen national unity, strengthen the construction of spiritual civilization, and promote the development of Chinese culture. Therefore, this discipline is of great meaning.