Brief Introduction of Chinese Language and Literature

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Brief Introduction of Chinese Language and Literature

The discipline of Chinese Language and Literature at Sichuan University is an academic station of one of the national key first-level disciplines, and was ranked fifth in the second-round national evaluations of disciplinary areas of higher educational institute. This discipline encompasses three sub-areas (i.e., literature, language, and philology). The department of this discipline has 32 professors, 17 associate professors, and 18 assistant professors; among whom, Professor Cao Shunqing is a Yangtse Rive Scholar, and Professor Xiang Chu and Professor Cao Shungqing were awarded as Outstanding Professors at Sichuan University.

Under the umbrella of this first-level discipline, the second-level major, History of Chinese Language, was listed as a key discipline in the first-round national evaluations of disciplines by the (formerly named) National Education Commission in 1988. Comparative and World Literature, Study of Literature and Art, and Philology of Chinese Classic Literature were selected as key disciplines in the latest evaluations of disciplines by the National Ministry of Education in 2007. The Humanities and Social Science research base of the National Ministry of Education, the “Chinese Folklore Culture Research Institute at Sichuan University”, is constituted of researchers and faculty members of these three sub-areas of the disciplines.

The discipline of Chinese Language and Literature at the College of Literature and Journalism at Sichuan University is of unique advantages and contributes invaluable influences on the national and international academia in the fields of literature, including comparative studies between Chinese and international literature, contemporary research on Marxism and literary theories, Chinese ancient religion and documentation research, studies of Chinese language history (including literary language and folklore language research on Buddhism and Taoism), studies of literature in Chinese dynasties, Chinese folklore studies, and teaching Chinese as a second language.

Based on this discipline in the College of Literature and Journalism, 10 major academic journals were launched, with areas of studies including literature, culture, language, and folklore studies. Among these journals, “Chinese and foreign cultural and literary theory”, “The Collected Papers of Chinese Language History”, and “Modern Chinese Culture and Literature” were indexed by CSSCI. “Comparative Literature: East and West” is an English journal which was commonly esteemed in the academia.