The Staff Of International Affairs Office—HE Yanli

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HE Yanli

School of Literature and Journalism Sichuan University

24 South No.1 Ring Road, Chengdu, Sichuan Province, P.R.China 610065,

PhD, Director of International Affair Office, College of Literature and Journalism, Sichuan University. Academic research areaincludes Minor/Small and world literatures,African American literary theory, Sovietliterature and arts,Russian Avant-Garde, film aesthetics.



Gender Poetics of Film Study, Sichuan University Press, 2013.

The Aesthetic Hegemony and Others’ Identity in American and British Films, Sichuan University Press, forthcoming.


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Leading Research Projects:

2017 China Postdoctoral Science Foundation for International Conference(May 31 of 2017)

2016 State Social Philosophical Scientific Foundation Research Program of China(State PSFRP) ,“Boris Groys’ Literary & Art Theory”(No.16CWW002)

2015Ministration of Education of Social Science Foundation in China, “Gates and the Historical Problems of ‘Black’ Literary Theory”(No.15YJC751017)

2015China Postdoctoral Science Foundation, “Gates and the Historical Problems of African American Literary Theory”(No.2015M571517)

2014Sichuan Province Social Science Foundation, “African American ‘Black’ Theory and its White Context”(No.skq201415)

2015 Sichuan University Publishing Foundation, “The Aesthetic Hegemony and Others’ Identity in American and British Film”(No.skcb201504)

2014 Sichuan University Young Scholar Foundation, “The Double Faces of Gates’ Literary Theory”(No.SC14C024)

Academic Conferences:

2018 AAALS, NYU, April 5-7, will present paper“Australian and New Zealand Literature Studies in China”.

2018 ACLA, UCLA, March 29 to April 1, organized seminar “Debating (Ultra)Minor/Small and World Literature”, will present paper “Minor/Small Literatures Under Cold War: East & West World, Europe and Germany”.

2017 World Literature Congress(2nd) Conference, UCL Belgium, October 18-22, presented paper “Equal Aesthetic Rights of (Ultra)Minor/Small and World Literatures”.

2017 Santiago seminar “Minor/Small Literature & Culture” in Spain,Universidade de Santiago de Compostela, July 12-14, presented paper “Loose Canon and American Minority Literatures”.

2017 ACLA, Utrecht University, July 6-9,co-organized seminar: “Worlding Minor/Small Literatures”, presented paper “Worlding Minor/Small LiteraturesbyNobel Prize”.

2016CLATA annual conference, Shandong University, October 22-23, presenting paper “Gates and African American Formalist Theory”.

2015 CLATA annual conference, East China Normal University, November 22-23, presenting paper“The Logic of Equal Aesthetic Rights: Boris Groys’ Art Theory”.